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Be The Sun!

he Peace Place holds sacred energy and is the home of Harmony Healthcare. It was created to be a gathering space for our growing energy community. Many practitioners share this calming environment for small groups, classes or individual sessions.

I invite you to stand or sit quietly wherever you are. Now, take a few deep breaths in and out of your mouth, letting go and releasing as you exhale. At the same time, feel the beautiful light of the Sun moving into you, through the top of your head and the center of your […]

Angel’s Insight

steffany from angel sight to dream interpretation to sign decoding

Q. How do my loved ones on the Other Side communicate with me? A. Our departed loved ones find countless, creative ways to let us know they remain faithfully at our side. What’s more, our spirit helpers wisely tap into our five senses to communicate. When chatting with spirits, keep your eyes, ears, and heart […]

Revival On Olive

On Olive is a contemporary housing initiative with little precedent.

Thoughtfully designed urban living There’s a revival taking place on the south side of Olive Street. A unique urban community, named On Olive, is a contemporary housing initiative with little precedent. The developers have brought together five local and internationally recognized architects to design homes for single-family housing within a three-and-one-half acre urban landscape. The […]