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Knowing Your Worth

Karen Crow a life coach for women who crave time for themselves

Coaching for women who crave time for themselves

When I was a new mom, I encountered many different expectations in my new role. Expectations about . . .
• if and how long I would breastfeed
• how fast I could get back to my
• pre-pregnancy weight
• what stroller I had
• cooking homemade dinners every night
• where my kids would go to school, etc.
Sound familiar?

Indeed, most of the clients I work with seek help from the overwhelm they feel from trying to be all things to all people. Motherhood is an incredibly joyful time; you feel your heart expand in a way you never thought possible. It can also feel as if you’ve been thrown back into middle school, as you try to navigate your new life and do your best to get everything “right”. And continuing down this road of trying to fit into a mold leads to creating flimsy boundaries and feeling anxious and exhausted. Because seeking the approval of others by trying to live up to their expectations leads to continuously trying to prove your worth. And the truth is, you don’t need to prove your worth to anyone. Your worth is absolute; it never changes. There’s nothing that you need to do
to earn it and no one else can give it to you. You need only to nurture yourself in
mind, body and spirit to reaffirm it.

Describe the last time
you felt completely yourself.







Karen Crow
Life Coach





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