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Consider Revitalizing Your Wealth Plan

Much as a hurricane disrupts more than a community’s topography, changing interest rates affect more than current borrowing costs. Volatile financial markets, like swift weather systems, may cause short term losses while setting up for potential economic rejuvenation. High net worth families should prepare to weather investment impacts, as well

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Rejuvenate Your Relationship to Yourself

By Dr. Perrin Elisha, PhD Spring is a time of regeneration, and new beginnings. Research shows that happiness and health are profoundly linked to relational wellness—the depth and quality of your human connections. If you are ready to rejuvenate your relationship life this year, your relationship to yourself is like

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For The Life of Me

By Donna Lee Humble New life springing up everywhere excites the senses. The seedling is being called to “wake up,” move toward the light and burst through the soil. And in a sense, so are we. As we listen to the birds singing with enthusiasm, it may seem that their

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The Spirit of Renewal in Chinese Medicine

By Dr. Yvonne K. Scarlett, DACM, Dipl.OM, L.Ac, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinical Director, Red Lotus Wellness Center Spring is a time of abundance, re-growth, re-birth, fertility, regeneration, and rejuvenation. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views spring as the Wood Phase of the Five Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water,

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Drink in a Natural Glow!

By Tiffanie Albertson President and CEO Solutions For Living If you picked up this magazine, you already seek to have a better MIND, BODY, and SOUL! Who hasn’t walked into a room only to forget what you needed? Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and noticed fine lines, wrinkles, thinning

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Spring into Action with Chiropractic Care

By John Groerich DC, FIAMA, CCAc, Dipl. Ac. (IACA) HealthSource Chiropractic of Clayton Dr. Groerich D.C. is a board certified Chiropractor and licensed Acupuncturist. He takes pride in treating his patients with compassion and professionalism while believing true wellness goes beyond the health of an individual. His approach of combining

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Discover the Cutting-Edge Energy Enhancement System

By Energy Infusion Room “How is this possible!” is a statement we hear on a daily basis at the Energy Infusion Room. It’s a question we love to answer, but it really needs to be experienced to truly understand. We offer technology that charges your cells, which allows the power

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Spring Smoothie

Blueberry and Spinach Superfood Green Smoothie For a quick and flavorful way to get your fruits and veggies in, try a Smoothie with fresh spring produce such as spinach and blueberries. In less than 10 minutes you can treat yourself to a refreshing, nutritious snack or breakfast drink. Ingredients for

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Mindfulness & Success

By Melinda Fouts, PhD Many of my clients are very successful in business and yet, their personal lives suffer. When considering a successful life, it should be in all areas of our lives and that means, by living a balanced life. I often hear, I need to balance my life

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Take Your Life to the Next Level

By Katy Bartlett, Master Life Coach As a child, I told my family that if I had kids, I would adopt because there were so many children in the world who needed a home that it wasn’t fair to have my own. Even then I knew somehow that my life

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Good Karma: Lead With Love

By Anne J. White, M.Ed. Executive Director | Lead with Love Doctoral Student | Spirituality Mind Body Institute | Columbia University Peace is an active state. So is wellbeing. Both are essential to the foundation of a healthy, loving world. Now more than ever, the world is a busy place

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