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Trusting Yourself


Trusting yourself is allowing your own neurobiological system to guide you. Your system is working perfectly when you tune into it and allow it to guide your actions. You have to tune in, pay attention and follow the energy, the impulses; the vibration your own system is experiencing. Your system is always responding, giving you sensations, feelings and thoughts, showing you the way to your own fulfillment, guiding your interactions with the world.

Your system guides you situationally with feelings and thoughts, and responses within sensations.

When we tune in to our own responses and allow them to guide us, our lives flow naturally from our own energetic responses. We are designed by the universe to function perfectly in response to each situation we find ourselves. It seems so obvious and yet that’s not what we are trained to do. We are trained to follow ideas, rules and beliefs, and to suppress our own responses, our own sensations, feelings and thoughts, our inner guidance system.

We have been taught to disconnect from our own inner guidance system and to behave according to conceptual ideas about how we should be. So we struggle, trying to be some way we are not, to suppress and hide our own responses. We learn to disconnect from our actual responses and act out patterns of behavior that we learn from the culture around us. To free ourselves, we have to tune into our own internal responses and allow them to guide us.

If you want to live in harmony with your own energy, your own responses, your own vibration, then tune in to your own responses and allow them to move you. You are the only one having your experience and the only one who can tune into it. You are the only one who can allow it to move you in your way being, and to express, fully and freely.

Being how you really are and allowing yourself to express fully and freely is the most important thing that we can do. Tuning into ourselves, into our own energy, and allowing it to guide us in every moment of our lives leads us to fulfillment in our lives.

Centering ourselves is essential for us to tune into our own responses. Then we see what they are showing us and leaning towards the messages our own body, mind any visible emotions.

Take time to sit quietly and tune into your own energy. See what it is showing you. You are the only one who can tune into what is going on inside of you, You are the only one who can tune into what your spirit is showing you.


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