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Shayba Muhammad’s Guide to Intentional Living

Shayba Muhammad's Guide to Intentional Living

We live in a fast paced world that often distracts us from the gift of gratitude. On our path to setting goals and striving for success, we oftentimes miss that which endures. The value of the journey. Take your time, reflect, recount, and breathe life back into how you function. This worksheet is designed to […]

You Are Limitless

Welcome to the Center of Spiritual Living Rev. Dr. Marigene is a dynamic spiritual leader dedicated to teaching and practicing spirituality that inspires, educates, and opens people to their full potential. Through Center for Spiritual Living (CSL) she offers classes, events, music and Sunday Celebration – online and in person. CSL is a diverse, “not […]

Good Karma: WindWalkers

Just stand in front of a horse, if you ever want to know how others might perceive you and  what your energy is saying. The first thing you will hear from both our 2- and 4-legged healers, counselors, therapists and instructors at WindWalkers is: “I see you and accept you. Yes, you!” With a herd […]