Shayba Muhammad’s Guide to Intentional Living

Shayba Muhammad's Guide to Intentional Living

We live in a fast paced world that often distracts us from the gift of gratitude. On our path to setting goals and striving for success, we oftentimes miss that which endures. The value of the journey. Take your time, reflect, recount, and breathe life back into how you function. This worksheet is designed to assist you in navigating not away from your aspirations but back to your most intimate inspirations. Sit in a quiet space and go through the list. Revisit and redo monthly or as frequently as your feel is necessary. Reflect on your growth. It’s the little things, as they say, that matter most. It’s time to slow down and feel again.


Use this to organize your primary emotional reactions and secondary analytical reflections in sorting out challenging circumstances and situations. Jot down your takeaways on what you learn for future reference.

1. Situation
2. Reactive Thought
3. Reflective Thought
4. Action Step
5. For Future Reference


Journaling is a great medium for self expression and clearing your mind. Create a sanctuary in which you can be honest with yourself, gain perspective, and do self analysis.

1. Collect Quotes and Affirmations
2. Brainstorm Ideas and Projects
3. Clarify Your Definition of Success
4. Set Goals
5. Track Your Progress


These are questions to use for a daily, weekly, or monthly check-in. It’s important to revisit goals regularly to keep yourself on track and to refine them as you grow. Use this space to get clear on physical, mental, and emotional goals that you feel will complement a more fruitful quality of life.

1. What makes you feel fulfilled?
2. What makes you feel drained?
3. What daily practices can you implement?
4. What intentions can you set to feel fulfilled?
5. List 5 things that your are grateful for.
6. How can you be more intentional with spending?
7. What changes can you make to support good nutrition, sleep, and overall health?
8. What relationships can you nurture and give more time to?
9. What do you intend to learn?
10. How to you intend to grow?
11. What can you eliminate to better serve your best self?


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