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Individuality in Relationship

By Donald (Truth Paradise) Theiss Truth Paradise Donald (Truth Paradise) Theiss became a seeker of the truth, struggling with himself and others about what was really true and thought he would never fit in and didn’t even want to fit into society because it felt like everyone was lost in some socially fabricated illusion and […]

The Natural Choice for Your Family’s Wellbeing

Logan University | Health Centers More Than a Career. It’s a Calling. For more than 85 years, Logan University Health Centers have served as a valuable resource to the St. Louis community, bringing expert, affordable chiropractic and holistic health care services from three state-of-the-art facilities while serving as a teaching clinic for one of the […]

Driving Yourself Toward Magnificent

By Melissa Swank, MPH, NBC-HWC, RYT-200 “What does it mean to manifest magnificence? Or to become the “best version of yourself”? We read these tropes – on social media or in self- help books – but do we ever really stop to ask ourselves what they mean for us? It’s easy to go about your […]