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Individuality in Relationship

By Donald (Truth Paradise) Theiss

Truth Paradise

Donald (Truth Paradise) Theiss became a seeker of the truth, struggling with himself and others about what was really true and thought he would never fit in and didn’t even want to fit into society because it felt like everyone was lost in some socially fabricated illusion and it felt as if he was on a divergent path from almost everyone he knew. He read The Way of Zen by Suzuki and that was the beginning of looking inward to find answers that he had not been able to find externally. He has come to the conclusion that we are all perfect manifestations of the Universal consciousness and our challenge is to accept ourselves completely and let go of the social beliefs into which we were indoctrinated. He believes that begins with self acceptance.

Donald is a gifted counselor and the author of Being Human in a World of Illusion

We are each who and how we are and although we all want love and acceptance for who and how we are, we also want others to be like us and agree with us, and to see things the way we see things.

This is never going to happen because we are each a unique form of the energy of the universe, in human form and no matter how hard we try or how much we barter with one another, exchanging favors and pretending to see things the same way, we are different and unique.

We are not the same and yet we can learn to dance with one another and as Kahlil Gibran has said, “Let the winds of heaven dance be- tween you.”

We can enjoy one another immensely, but we can’t control one another and make the other person be like us or agree with us, and we can’t be like them or agree with them about their way of being or their way of seeing.

We are unique and must accept our own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others and that is something we don’t want to give up. We may get angry if we deny who and how we are and eventually blame the other person for us giving up who and how we are, in order to secure and maintain our relationship and at some point realize we are just different, having our own experience of reality.

Denying our own responses, our own inner experience, doesn’t work for very long because at some point we become irritated by our own denial and blame the other person and argue over who should do the dishes.

Of course, when we are living together, there are household chores that must be handled and we are both being responsible for our own chores but that doesn’t mean denying who we are or what our own inner guidance is telling us.

This is simply a part of the dance of relationship, letting the winds of heaven dance between us, sharing the space, dancing together, and blowing one another a kiss as we pass.

We are not here to be the same but we can dance and enjoy our experiences together and that takes accepting our self as we are and accepting others as they are and dancing as well as we can.

It also means being true to our self, and expressing ourself openly, honestly and freely and accepting others in expressing themselves openly and freely.

When we do this, the form of our relation- ships come from the truth of who we really are and our struggle with ourself calms down and struggling with one another calms down and we can allow our relationships to be as they are.

You are the perfection of the universe in human form, exactly the way you are and so is everyone else, and when you accept this simple fact and be who and how you really are and accept others as they really are the form of your relationships will take form in the process.

Acceptance of yourself as you are is the key.


Donald Glenn Theiss / truthparadise@hotmail.com


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