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Mindfulness & Success

By Melinda Fouts, PhD Many of my clients are very successful in business and yet, their personal lives suffer. When considering a successful life, it should be in all areas of our lives and that means, by living a balanced life. I often hear, I need to balance my life so I can have more […]

A New Dream For Life After Divorce…Rebuilding Wealth and Confidence

By Kirsten Incorvaia When DeAnn’s second marriage fell apart, so did the divine vision of her heart. She went from a homeschooling mom to the newest employee at her neighborhood Starbucks. During this time, she started her Real Estate Licensing course to create a way to provide for herself and her four children. Within a […]

Drink in a Natural Glow!

By Tiffanie Albertson President and CEO Solutions For Living If you picked up this magazine, you already seek to have a better MIND, BODY, and SOUL! Who hasn’t walked into a room only to forget what you needed? Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and noticed fine lines, wrinkles, thinning hair, and wished for a […]