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Drink in a Natural Glow!

By Tiffanie Albertson

President and CEO Solutions For Living

If you picked up this magazine, you already seek to have a better MIND, BODY, and SOUL! Who hasn’t walked into a room only to forget what you needed? Who hasn’t looked in the mirror and noticed fine lines, wrinkles, thinning hair, and wished for a solution? And with the stress of the last 2 years especially, is there anyone that wouldn’t love to have a less stressful day?

As a functional nutritionist, retired Registered Dental Hygienist, wife, mom of 3 adult kids and an Executive with one of the most well respected holistic health and wellness companies on the planet, I often get asked which of the 3 elixirs I recommend.

To elaborate just a bit, these products look alike and are purposefully packaged in glass bottles that don’t allow UV degradation or oxidation, but that’s where the similarity ends. They have very specific purposes for the MIND, BODY, and SOUL.

MIND — The amazing NOOTROPIC ELIXIR is a sleek ready-to-drink elixir that supports both on- demand focus for cognitive performance and long- term brain health through an ancient botanical blend that includes green tea extract, beet root extract, alma, phosphatidylserine, and purslane.

BODY — Infused with an innovative blend of marine collagen peptides and powerful botanicals, COLLAGEN ELIXIR indulges your skin with both beauty and nourishment from the inside out. It supplies bioavailable collagen for almost 90% of your body’s collagen needs. Each bottle provides a therapeutic dose, 5 grams of the most pure collagen with zero oxidation. Your body will actually use it, absorb it, and you will see and feel yourself GLOW from the inside out.

SOUL — The unique blend of healing herbs, botanicals, and adaptogens found in the ADAPTOGEN ELIXIR creates a time-tested yet modern way to help your body manage stress. Stress is at an all-time high, so naturally combating our world by helping to control our cortisol stress response allows for better rest, mental clarity, and inner peace. This formulation also contains a black tea kombucha blend for gut and brain health.

The combination of these elixirs is an easy way to support the balance of your MIND, BODY, and SOUL. They impact wellness in every area of life. Choose one and get targeted benefits, or choose all three for a balance you can see and feel.


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