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Accepting Self and Others

onald (Truth Paradise) Theiss became a seeker of the truth, he read The Way of Zen by Suzuki and that was the beginning of looking inward to find answers

YOU’RE PERFECT EXACTLY AS YOU ARE AND SO IS EVERYONE ELSE, however we’ve been trained to believe otherwise, so we struggle with how we are and hide who we are in order to fit into the mideas and beliefs of our society.

We are all struggling with ourselves and with one another, unwilling or unable to accept ourselves or one another. We seek connection in relationship but we are unable to make the connection we desire because we are hiding who we really are in order to fit into the socially developed ideas of how we should be.

It’s like being in a movie in which we are all playing a part and not allowed to show our real self. We try being loving and kind and giving one another love, pleasure and all the things we think will work to connect with one another but because we are hiding our REAL self, our actual responses, our REAL thoughts, feelings and sensations, we never really get
to see one another as we are and therefore, are unable to truly connect.

Intimacy is the deep experience of connecting with one another and happens when we show ourselves to one another . . . IN-TO-ME-SEE.

The healing of this problem comes when we deeply connect with ourselves and accept every aspect of our own being, every sensation, every feeling and every thought and are willing to share ourselves openly with one another.

When we accept ourselves, as we are, we are able to accept others, as they are in an atmosphere of acceptance and allowance, and we are able to truly connect with one another.

Acceptance changes how we experience life, how we experience ourselves and how we experience one another. When we accept ourselves and one another we relax into our experience in all its ways of being and happening.

We are all having an experience right now and it is constantly changing, filled with feelings, thoughts, sensations, images, ideas, visions, fantasies, wants, needs, desires and it’s all happening in each and everyone of us because that is what being a human being is like.

We are each having our own experience and we are all having our own experience simultaneously, all moving and changing and filled with all the possible forms and ways of manifesting.

We are human beings and we all want to be loved and accepted as we are and when we accept one another as well as ourself, we create relationships that come from mutual acceptance.

We have all been trying so hard to be some way we think is the right way to be, the way that we think is acceptable to others so we hide ourself and try to be the way we think we should be, to be okay rather than accepting and allowing for everyone to be the way we are. And of course, we are all doing the same thing, playing out roles we have developed in order to fit in and be acceptable to one another.

This has caused us to hide and suppress our real responses and to pretend responses that aren’t actually happening in order to “be acceptable.”

That is not the same as real acceptance.

Acceptance is allowing everyone to be how we really are and this is the only way to change our experience in our self and in our relationship with one another.

When we accept, we change the energy in us and that naturally changes our energy in our interactions. When our relationships are based in acceptance, we come easily into harmony in our self and with one another.


Donald (Truth Paradise) Theiss became a seeker of the truth, struggling with himself and others about what was really true and thought he would never fit in and didn’t even want to fit into society because it felt like everyone was lost in some socially fabricated illusion and it felt as if he was on a divergent path from almost everyone he knew. He read The Way of Zen by Suzuki and that was the beginning of looking inward to find answers that he had not been able to find externally. He has come to the conclusion that we are all perfect manifestations of the Universal consciousness and our challenge is to accept ourselves completely and let go of the social beliefs into which we were indoctrinated. He believes that begins with self acceptance. Donald is a gifted counselor and the author of Being Human in a World of Illusion. He can be reached at truthparadise@hotmail.com.



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