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UNRAVELED: A Mother and Son Story of Addiction and Redemption

Laura Cook Boldt and Tom H. Boldt

How were/are you able to work through the painful parts in the retelling without opening new wounds? LAURA: We discovered many untold truths about each other while writing our book. We have historically had a close relationship but our sobriety added total honesty to our relationship. One of the most painful things for me was […]

A Time of Transition: You’ve Been Named Executor of a Parent’s Will

mother hugging her daughter

FAMILY- As people age and transition into a new phase of life, it’s common to revisit their overall financial plan. If you’ve been named the executor under your parent’s Last Will and Testament (the “Will”), chances are that they are preparing for impending lifestyle changes. As you explore your new role, you’ll find that it’s […]

Empowering Parents Through School-Home Engagement

Did you know that children only spend 14% of their time in school? 14%! Yet too often we shoulder teachers with 100% of the responsibility to educate our youth. Assuming kids spend at least a third of their time sleeping, that still leaves over half of their year spent awake and outside the school building. […]