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Empowering Parents Through School-Home Engagement

Did you know that children only spend 14% of their time in school? 14%! Yet too often we shoulder teachers with 100% of the responsibility to educate our youth. Assuming kids spend at least a third of their time sleeping, that still leaves over half of their year spent awake and outside the school building. At HOME WORKS!, we believe in the power of home and the transformation that can take place when a child’s parent and teacher become true partners in supporting that student’s education. HOME WORKS! is the only parent engagement nonprofit serving under-resourced schools in St. Louis City, St. LouisCounty and Boonville. Our programs empower families, schools and communities to work together to ensure academic and lifelong success for every student. “We train, support, and pay teachers to go into the homes of their students to help build strong relationships between school and home, and work with schools to implement focused family engagement strategies that support student learning,” says CEO, Colleen Polak.

We Support Teachers        We Engage Parents        We Transform Schools

Simple things parents can do with their child, like going through the mail, playing Wordle, counting the red doors on a walk, all count as learning. “I thought the home visit was great,” shares one of our parents. “It was very informative and my daughter really enjoys the educational games the teachers brought her. She will now let me read a book to her at night. We appreciate everything they do for us to help my daughter succeed.”

I can’t believe the difference a home visit made for my son.
His comfort level at school is way up, and his reading level is
mind blowing. I am a big supporter. My son is excited, too

— HOME WORKS! Parent, Beasley Elementary, Mehlville

Partnering families and teachers
for children’s success

The Power of HOME WORKS!
• 84% of HOME WORKS! teachers reported improvement in students’ classroom behavior.
• 83% of HOME WORKS! teachers reported improvement in students’ homework completion.
• 100% of parents reported they were provided with the tools and resources to support learning at home

Strengthening the relationship
between school and home

To learn more about HOME WORKS! visit teacherhomevisit.org or visit us on social media @homeworksvisit

5501 Delmar Blvd., Ste A530
St. Louis, MO 63112


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