Mapping Out the Journey to Authenticity

Julie Scott Life Transitions Coach Intuitive Bodywork, Energy Work & Massage

Julie Scott on Mapping Out the Journey to AuthenticityAuthentic living is an evolution and an adventure. Our lives are designed of amazing moments that feed our souls, and difficult moments that grow us as spiritual beings. Learning your path to your own authenticity is a journey. Your life is your road map.

The journey to authenticity is guided by our own life experience. Childhood teaches us unfiltered likes and dislikes without overthinking. As we journey deeper and further down our path things like family expectations, belief systems, as well as the desire to belong can push us away from that unfiltered experience of life. As we live more by others’ expectations and less as our true selves, we end up in lives that make us feel like a stranger in our own existence.

Living in harmony has opened me back up to my childhood joy of the outdoors and a quirky love of motorcycles. Connecting to these authentic parts of myself has given me an outlet to connect to the gifts of intuition I had in childhood as well. All I needed to be authentic was already inside me. I just had to read my own life map. My life map has guided me to my passion of helping others in their searching to find themselves again.

My coaching methods evolved from the life I have experienced living in harmony and in disharmony with myself. I use my intuitive gifts now in collaboration with teaching my clients to use cues from their own life experience to understand their own journey with more clarity.

Our entire life is a road map to our most authentically lived life. Start your journey and enjoy the ride! Journey to Authenticity.

Learn more about Julie Scott a Life Transitions Coach Intuitive Bodywork, Energy Work & Massage, you can get in touch with her at:
314-337-3775/5257 Shaw Avenue Suite #201, St Louis, MO, 63110


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