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We’ve known for over a hundred years that the way to strengthen the skeletal system is by applying pressure, and in 2012 a group of researchers determined the amount that’s required to stimulate bone density growth. OsteoStrong uses this research and world-class technology.

In one simple pain- and sweat-free session each week, our system gives members the benefit of high impact force without the risk of high impact activity. Certified Strength Coaches lead members through a series of Robotic Musculoskeletal Strengthening Devices designed to increase skeletal strength, which impacts the entire body.

In just ten minutes, once a week, these sessions help our members get stronger bones, stronger muscles, improve balance and agility, and greater athletic performance. The Biofeedback on each machine measures strength gains, and members who are monitoring their bone density with their doctor often see increases over time.

One of our greatest joys is having a member share how their life has improved because they joined OsteoStrong. Many members have reduced or completely eliminated joint and back pain. Some start playing sports again, and some have completely reversed their osteoporosis.

The great thing about OsteoStrong is that it works for almost anyone at any age, body style, or physical condition. We have members from 11 to 90 years old, and they all benefit from the same system once a week.

We’re making a difference!

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Visit Us At: O’Fallon:
44 Crossroads Plaza O’Fallon, MO 63368
St. Peters: 636-685-0144
4101 Mexico Rd. Ste A
St. Peters, MO 63376




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