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Open the Door to Dynamic Health

By Cristina Campbell


Many years ago I was in the U.S. army, stationed in Saudi Arabia for 6 months on the redeployment end of the Gulf War. It was an intriguing, interesting and educational time for me but when I got back to my duty station in England, I began to get sick. I developed a prolific skin rash that would crack, bleed and itch like crazy. I began getting severe migraine headaches. I had restless leg syndrome; my digestive system started shutting down. I was really sick. I suffered with these ailments for about 8 years.

In June 1999 I was at my desk at Scott Air Force Base, now as a government contractor. I was miserable. I was too young to be so sick. I was desperate. I had not prayed in 12 years but I said this prayer: “Lord, I am sick of being sick. Please help me to get better.”

About 15 minutes after praying, I went online and Googled something benign, like “healing,” and found the Young Living Essential Oils web site. I started reading their list of oils and how they aided the body. For example: Lavender supported the skin; Peppermint supported the digestive system; PanAway supported the muscular-skeletal system. The list went on and on.

Since my digestive system had shut down, I also developed a toenail fungus so I was interested in oils that would support healthy skin and nails. I learned that Melrose would probably be a good oil to start with to get my nails back in shape.

I found a woman online, Susan Poddish, who held a Gold Rank in the Young Living Essential Oils company. When I contacted her, my list totaled about $1,000 for all of the oils that I thought I needed. She encouraged me to start with a small set to see if the oils worked, so I purchased a starter kit called the Essential 7. Today the starter kit has 11 oils and a free diffuser but at that time, my kit only had 7 oils.

I started using those oils on a daily basis and I think that’s the key. I would take an oil, rub a few drops in my hands and breathe it in for emotional support. Many of the oils offer emotional support and that’s just what I needed.

Rubbing lavender on the bottom of my feet and fluffing my pillow with it helped me sleep better. PanAway rubbed on my hip relieved the discomfort in my muscles. A few drops of Peppermint rubbed on my tummy really helped support my digestive system. I was amazed. From the day I started with my kit, I never had another migraine. Using the oils topically and breathing them in changed my life.

Before the oils, I was spending more than $600 a month on topical steroids, oral antibiotics, Prednisone and injections. I was pumping a massive amount of drugs into my system and nothing was helping. I had enough. That’s when I started to pray.

I began using the oils in December 1999 and had no intention of starting a business with them but by the end of the month, my results had been so phenomenal that I knew I had to start sharing this information with others.

I bought an Essential Oils Desk Reference for about $40, started reading more about the oils, began adding more oils to my supply and held small classes in my house.

I was in my late 40s when I started using the oils. Today I am 64. At age 55 I quit my job as a government contractor, making good money and began selling Young Living Essential Oils. Today I rank in the top 3% for sales in this 3 billion dollar company.

These oils not only saved my life, they changed it . . . physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I believe they can change yours too. Simply open the door and take the first step. I am here to help you.


Cristina Campbell

618-567-5919 Ladyoftheoils@gmail.com LadyoftheOils.com


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