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Reboot Retreat Restore

By Reboot & Co.

Nestled on the Gulf Coast in the charming city of Pensacola, Reboot Retreat was born out of a deep desire to escape the everyday grind and recharge the mind, body, and soul.

Founders Michael and Addie Murdoch along with their daughter and son, Amanda and Bryce Clayton, dreamed of a luxury retreat that was centered around wellness in their hometown.

“I was inspired to reboot my life when I first attended a wellness retreat in California,” said Addie. “I was returning from a trip to Italy where the food and wine were plentiful. I was so motivated after this wellness retreat that I wanted to do something for my community. After researching the Southeast, we found that there was nothing like it.”

Hosted at the Oyster Bay Hotel in Downtown Pensacola, the retreat is a four-day, three-night curated experience that is carefully designed to improve your health and well-being in the best way possible. Local purveyors and leading community experts band together to deliver plant-based nutrition, rejuvenation, mindful living, and fitness. The retreat is alcohol-, nicotine- and caffeine-free, helping your body achieve a full detox that can lead to lasting lifestyle changes.

“I always make an effort to participate in a month of sobriety annually, in addition to each of the retreat weekends,” said Bryce. “I have been amazed at how even a small hiatus from drinking has helped clear my skin, reduced brain fog, and eased my anxiety.”

And for the Reboot Retreat founders, balance is the key to sustaining those small changes and finding new ways to challenge yourself.

“Our wish is not to make everyone lead a perfectly healthy lifestyle all the time,” said Addie. “The goal is to make ourselves more aware of our bodies and minds so that we can live an intentional prosperous life.”


Learn more about the life-changing Reboot Retreat at rebootandco.com.


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