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The Art of Being Present

Donald Theiss, author of Truth Paradise, started looking for the truth. Donald, the author of Being Human in a World of Illusion, is a brilliant counselor.Being present with ourselves seems to be the most challenging thing we can do, and the most important thing we can do, because when we’re truly present we are tuned into our own experience and at the same time, aware of what is going on around us. When we are tuned into our own energy, centered in our own energy, we are guided very easily and very naturally in our actions and our interactions with the world around us. Words come spontaneously and naturally and our actions come from the flow of energy that is happening inside of us. We don’t have to prerecord or practice what we’re going to say or what we’re going to do. It just comes naturally from the flow of our own energy This is the true state of “being,” what Eckhart Tolle calls presence. When we’re truly present we are not playing for the crowd, trying to get a particular response from others, but rather, simply allowing the flow of energy that is moving in us to express and reveal our momentary experience. We let go into the flow our own experience, allowing it to express fully and freely and accepting the outcome, whatever it may be. We speak the truth without blame or judgment and without attachment to the outcome. This state of being present with the flow of our own energy creates a sense of well-being, a sense of harmony in ourselves and we are able to let go and allow whatever wants to happen to happen, without resistance or provocation, what Byron Katie calls, “Accepting what is.” So practice centering in yourself, being present with what is happening in you, accepting whatever that is and allowing it to express fully and freely and experience your own being.

Donald (Truth Paradise) Theiss became a seeker of the truth, struggling with himself and others about what was really true and thought he would never fit in and didn’t even want to fit into society because it felt like everyone was lost in some socially fabricated illusion and it felt as if he was on a divergent path from almost everyone he knew. He read The Way of Zen by Suzuki and that was the beginning of looking inward to find answers that he had not been able to find externally. He has come to the conclusion that we ar  all perfect manifestations of the Universal consciousness and our challenge is to accept ourselves completely and let go of the social beliefs into which we were indoctrinated. He believes that begins with self acceptance. Donald is a gifted counselor and the author of Being Human in a World of Illusion. He can be reached at truthparadise@hotmail.com.


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