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The Power of Hypnosis

a woman sleeping with the help of hypnosis by booking an appoinment with Michelle Bryan

Sleeping well is a struggle for many, especially elite performers in any realm – business, athletics, entertainment. You name it, all of us can feel the pressure of achievement, goal-setting, and seeking excellence. Nighttime can be torture when your mind simply won’t stop when the moon comes up. Hypnosis works for anyone who wants to […]

Painting Chakra Theory: by Emily Colucci

Christine Mottau’s chakra meditation paintings with the integration of mind, body, and spirit

                      Christine Mottau’s chakra paintings came into consciousness unexpectedly. In 2016 with an exhibition looming at New York City’s Ceres Gallery, Mottau found herself creating luminous abstractions without a premeditated direction. “I didn’t think about the paintings seriously at first but then, I realized, ‘Oh, […]

Listen to your Heart

Welcome to The Aquarian Age, Welcome to Summer 2021, and Welcome to the incredible changes that all of this brings into our lives at many different levels. As an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Qero Shaman, I understand the power of the seasons and energy that it represents in us and around us. There is no […]