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The Power of Hypnosis

a woman sleeping with the help of hypnosis by booking an appoinment with Michelle Bryan

Sleeping well is a struggle for many, especially elite performers in any realm – business, athletics, entertainment. You name it, all of us can feel the pressure of achievement, goal-setting, and seeking excellence. Nighttime can be torture when your mind simply won’t stop when the moon comes up. Hypnosis works for anyone who wants to sleep soundly and have greater positive energy to navigate life. Michelle Bryan understands pressure and how it can affect the mind, body, and spirit of a person and answers the call to help others in their search for health, focus, and confidence as well as nights of effortless sleep. She has a dedicated following of clients who want to retain their performance advantage and still find a “shut off” switch at night. Using various hypnotic techniques, Michelle helps clients sleep deeply, solidly, and consistently every night. Sleeping well changes EVERYTHING.

A recent client wrote: “I did not take my Unisom and I slept last night. I love you!”

Another wrote: “No matter what’s going on, I can focus, stay calm, and get results.

Under hypnosis, YOU are in control. “The body is relaxed, and the mind is at ease,” Michelle explains. “You’re in a state of heightened awareness where you can let go of self-criticism, judgment and accept beneficial suggestions. Before your session we discuss your goals, focusing on how you want to feel when you are sleeping solidly through the night. I spend a lot of time understanding the details of my client’s lives and what they want to achieve. After the session, clients receive a personal recording to listen to as they are falling asleep, reinforcing the positive changes. The results I have seen with hypnosis over the years are undeniable and positive. I am continually in awe of the power of hypnosis.”

Michelle Bryan a Hypnotist/Regression TherapistMichelle Bryan

Hypnotist/Regression Therapist
Call 970-948-9064 to schedule an appointment
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