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Know Your Ingredients

Jill Nagel Kosdrosky, a former Industrial Engineer and Financial Executive turned candlemaker

I never knew candles could contain harmful chemicals. What I learned changed my entire career path. It all started with a few bites of shrimp in 2004. I hadn’t yet realized I’d become allergic to shellfish as an adult. It wasn’t life-threatening, but the swelling, redness, and pain in my lips and face were enough […]

Explore Mahnal

a woman wearing a manhal necklace and is made of contemporary brass jewelry

Contemporary brass jewelry handcrafted by Shayba Muhammad to inspire intentional living Mahnal is a collection of contemporary brass jewelry that studies natural forms and elements to inspire contemplation. The artisanal nature of this jewelry is an embrace of living a slower, more intentional lifestyle. Mahnal sheds light on the gentle, insightful, and poetic beauty of […]

Trees, Nature, & You

Trees are strong, symbolic, and can have a profound impact on our spiritual lives.

By Cara Moon Trees have an interesting and important role in the physical and spiritual worlds. They have been held sacred in many cultures. There are many reasons why trees are held sacred in many cultures. Beautiful and symbolic, trees are powerful and can influence our spiritual lives. They keep our natural world communicating and […]