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Trees, Nature, & You

Trees are strong, symbolic, and can have a profound impact on our spiritual lives.

By Cara Moon

Trees have an interesting and important role in the physical and spiritual worlds. They have been held sacred in many cultures.

There are many reasons why trees are held sacred in many cultures. Beautiful and symbolic, trees are powerful and can influence our spiritual lives. They keep our natural world communicating and vibrating.

In the natural world, change is intrinsic. Temperature, shifts in sun light, and natural disturbances, like fire, are all part of nature’s cycle.

Trees are a source of energy on many levels. They help people and the planet by providing oxygen and shade. They provide shelter and habitats for animals and some bear fruit for human and animal survival.

Did you know trees have their own built-in survival kit? Trees in fireprone areas develop thicker bark. Some species that regenerate by resprouting after they’ve burned, have an extensive root system. Dormant buds are protected underground, and nutrients stored in the roots allow quick sprouting after the fire. Some pine species develop very thick, hard cones that are literally glued shut with a strong resin. These cones can hang on a pine tree for years, long after the enclosed seeds mature. Only when a fire sweeps through, melting the resin, do these heat-dependent cones open up, releasing seeds.

You can see why trees can also affect our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of energy. They stand strong for hundred of years and have witnessed many lifetimes. Consider the peace and serenity people feel when they sit under a tree or walk through a forest, breathing in all of the clean potent oxygen they so generously give to us. And what about the feelings of joy and excitement that children feel when climbing a tree? Have you ever read the book The Giving Tree? The tree is happy to give and give.

Like all living things, trees have a vibration and an aura. With roots reaching deep into the earth, they communicate with each other on a root level. Their vibrations are slower and more concentrated compared to other living things. They give out an energy vibe of safety, security, stability, trust, and long learned and passed down knowledge. Like a family or tribe, they are connected and communicate with one another.

By coming into contact with a tree you will pick up these vibrations whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You begin to become more centered and grounded, with feelings of peace and love. I think the hippies have it right; I AM happy to be called a “Tree Hugger.”

Sharing the beauty of a tree can be very healing and can help you reconnect with your nature. Consider thanking a tree for helping you ground your energy. Not only will you raise your positive vibrations and the tree’s, you will also raise the planet’s energy.

If you have the opportunity, plant a tree. By doing so, you will not only be giving life to a tree, you will be ensuring the life of the planet.

A tree planted in someone’s memory is a living tribute that benefits present and future generations.

Next time you pass by a tree, look up and remember its spiritual power and all the wonderful gifts it gives to humanity and the planet. Share its healing energy, give it a hug, and enjoy all its beauty!


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