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Healing from Sexual Abuse with Embodied Birth

Sexual abuse impacts pregnancy and birth. Each person experiences the aftermath uniquely. There is one common thread, though: the nervous system. I experienced sexual abuse from ages 4–7 by a family friend during church services at our homes. I told no one. Recurring nightmares helped me process the trauma. In stillness my subconscious mind was […]

Dear Deanna


Dear Deanna, My husband is very forgetful at times. Could be something as little as taking the trash out or putting the clothes in the dryer. When I remind him, he gets annoyed “I got it”. What other ways can I remind him? I’ve tried post-it notes and that drove him crazy. Thanks! Nancy J. […]

Heidi Harris

“You are worthy of living the life you dream of, and it begins with putting your well-being first. Give yourself the gift of support and guidance.” — Heidi Harris, Intuitive Transformation Coach I’m Heidi Harris, musician by night, and Intuitive Transformation Coach by day. I’ve spent most of my life in the performing arts, and […]