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Ten Weeks to a Better Version of You!    

Are you feeling blissful in your life? Your body and mind? This sounds really wonderful and yet most are suffering with sub-optimal energy, insomnia, disturbed digestion, brain fog, excess weight, etc. For some reason most of these experiences are being normalized as part of aging or just part of life. This is NOT normal! Maybe […]

Get Fit. Get Happy. Simple.

woman at the exercise coach studio

We work against the idea that gyms have to be an intimidating social scene. In fact, we have found that the ideal atmosphere for cuttingedge, custom-coached exercise is a private, comfortable, and always clean environment. The ideal exercise atmosphere also requires focused and professional coaches. At The Exercise Coach, our workouts are guided by caring, […]

Lazure Painting: Ensouling Your World with Color

Charles Andrade is the owner and operator of Lazure Custom Wall Designs, a mural and decorative painting company that specializes in a specific kind of healing indoor environment-creating European glazing finish known as Lazure.

As if to bring a breath of fresh Spring air into our homes after a very challenging past year, comes the unique decorative paint finish known as Lazure. This award-winning finish known in Europe for decades and increasingly worldwide, has been used for the contemporary, healing and regenerative qualities it brings to any interior space. […]