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Coast of California

Big Sur is a rugged stretch of California’s central coast between Carmel and San Simeon

                  I would wager that inside every one of us there is a bit of wild that resists the thought of being tamed. A wisp of our primal spark, a white light inner flame, sending smoke signals spiraling up to our ancient spirit guides through the shine […]

Dark Horse Rising- Horse and Heart / WiseHorseWoman / Return to Freedom

horses at Horse and Heart Ranch

  In the Darkest and Brightest times of our lives, how do we feel, who do we become? Have you visited The Dark Night of the Soul recently? Curiosity, confusion, mystery, and the Shadow have erupted for our growth and the medicine is in the poison. Can we lean in together on this wild ride? […]

Is Yoga Magic for Mental Health?

Just google “benefits of yoga” and in the first few citations you will see, “The Nine Benefits of Yoga,” “The Twenty-Two Benefits of Yoga,” “38 Ways Yoga Can Save Your Life”, etc. Really? THREE WAYS YOGA IMPROVES MENTAL HEALTH: All exercise is good for your body and mind. Dr. Google will confirm that exercise is […]