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Dark Horse Rising- Horse and Heart / WiseHorseWoman / Return to Freedom

horses at Horse and Heart Ranch


a woman with a dark horse at Horse and Heart Ranch

In the Darkest and Brightest times of our lives, how do we feel, who do we become? Have you visited The Dark Night of the Soul recently? Curiosity, confusion, mystery, and the Shadow have erupted for our growth and the medicine is in the poison. Can we lean in together on this wild ride? As WOC Leaders, Horse Women, Embodied Teachers, with a fire smoldering in our bellies, our talks of that day sparked flames! Jamila Jackson, Sarah Cruise, and Lori Halliday activated the “call” from across this broken nation to stoke the fires of transformation, to raise consciousness and conversations within this vast racial divide. Dark Horse Before the Dawn (white women, leaders, allies) blazed the trail for several consecutive months and steeped us all in the very slowed-down “approach” of working with horses in the field as a way of learning how to relate to “otherness” and create a deep and active listening. The approach and active listening are the keys in relating to “otherness”. The herd and the land held us in their wisdom. It was said that all of the pieces that entered in were metabolized for the highest good of all beings.

WOC leaders gathered at Horse and Heart Ranch with their beloved herdDark Horse Rising met for the crescendo of our Dark Horse Programs in April. WOC leaders gathered at Horse and Heart Ranch with our beloved herd. We wove the tapestry of our experiences and lineage into our journey. We sovereignly held the chalice of our potent time. Saturday morning we made the journey to Return to Freedom to be present on the 2,000 acres of land to meet the 100 wild mustangs on the adventure of a lifetime. Met by one of the greatest “Sheros” of our time, Neda DeMayo, the President of RTF, we continued conversations around space, voice, land, bands of mustangs, stories, assumptions, race, and being a Woman of Color – all of which were richly and bravely held. We lavished in a deep immersion “following the herd” and “following a feel” for what the animal body calls for over many hours as the daylight made her transit towards the full moon rising. We laughed, we ran, we lay in fields of wildflowers, we cried, we sang, we screamed our own names, and stood ferociously in the wind as we exclaimed “I exist!” What can be felt amidst the wildland and wild mustangs, can only be truly known in the present moment, with the breath, the heart space of communion. What has been touched in us has stirred the shadow and the light of resilience, remembrance, resource, and freedom. I EXIST!


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