Coast of California

Big Sur is a rugged stretch of California’s central coast between Carmel and San Simeon

Sycamote Mineral Springs Santa Barbara is a city on the central California coast, with the Santa Ynez Mountains as dramatic backdrop Escape to the heart of the scenic Ojai Valley and experience award-winning Spa Ojai, a championship golf-course, and epicurean culinary destinations. Esalen, is a non-profit American retreat center and intentional community in Big Sur, California










I would wager that inside every one of us there is a bit of wild that resists the thought of being tamed. A wisp of our primal spark, a white light inner flame, sending smoke signals spiraling up to our ancient spirit guides through the shine of our eyes. Our hearts being the endless prairie where hawks circle above as mustangs gallop boundlessly.

I would also wager that the majority of us have kept our personal gypsy at a safe distance, leaving her just enough space to live in the waiting room of our dreams, periodically checking our security cameras to make sure she’s still there, promising her that one day she will be allowed to show up and dance in the moonbeams like the Free Bird that she is.

Deep inside, we connect to an ancient sense of freedom. To our innocence. To unjudged desires and the belief that dreams come true. To believing in our own magic, believing the murmurs of our inner voices, whispers that guide us divinely. To a knowledge that we are unique, a sliver of nature, connected to something far greater than us. We are all diamonds catching light, refracting our beauty for the enhancement of the world we participate in.

There is an art to balancing earthly matters with celestial visions. Heaven and Earth teetering together in a high wire tightrope act.

Earth represents our bodies, our health, and the tangible world we live in. Heaven is our spirit, our soul, our dreams, prayers, meditations, thoughts, and emotions.

We are living representations of both qualities connecting, we are the stewards to the planet and ourselves, and our job is to tend to our precious beings with gentle love and tenderness so that we can sustain our nurturing ways for the greater collective.

Creating an actual road map to self love and care is a practical way to start this personal journey, and for this trip, we will trek in California, where local organic delicacies and personal mantras are readily available for those who seek. So hitch your wagon, this adventure is starting . . .


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