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A Zoom Call and a Prayer

By Marilyn Eagen

As I had just started a zoom call that I was hosting, however I was not leading it, someone was knocking on the door of my office that normally no one knocks on, they just walk in. I felt like I needed to answer the door, so I left the zoom call running.

There was an 18-year-old girl standing at my door feeling panicked as she had pulled into my driveway with a less than flat tire, literally no tire left, just a rim on a 20-year-old car. She was feeling desperate as she was on her way to Minnesota from Texas, she was totally unaware what it takes to travel that far alone. She had been driving most of the night and still had 8 hours and 53 minutes left to get to her boyfriend’s home in Minnesota. Barely enough money to even pay for gas, let alone anything else. I told her to come in and we would figure something out.

I needed to take a big breath or two as my cute little office is a house in St. Louis area and at least a mile away from a major highway. However, here was this young woman at my doorstep in a fearful and difficult situation. When I said a prayer to make sure that I was truly living what I believe and teach, I had no idea that I was manifesting this experience to prove to myself that I do!

In the meantime, my zoom meeting continued in another room. I kept them posted as the morning flowed. She said she needed to get the tire replaced for $100 or less to have enough to make her destination. I asked her if her parents would help her, if we called them. She said no, they kicked her out and her step father had said some very cruel and truly unimaginably mean things to her. Her boyfriend had already given her money to just get there. When I looked more deeply at her, I saw that was not sure that there was anyone in the world who loved her.

She continued to make calls to find a tire and wheel, and I was calling to find a tow truck. Most places the wheel/tire combination was too expensive for her. I had agreed to pay for the tow truck as she panicked at the thought.

She called many places and was waiting for places to return her calls. Between calls, I invited her and her small dog into the back yard to walk the labyrinth and relax a bit, I also chatted with her a moment. As we talked, I told her that the things her step father said to her were really about him, that she deserved to have a beautiful life. A few tears and hugs later, she was walking the labyrinth.

In perfect timing the tow truck arrived, a returned call from a place that had used tires and wheels. The very kind driver talked with them to make sure that had exactly what she needed. He said yes, they have exactly what she needs for exactly $100, (the same number she had spoken earlier).

He also asked her how she ended up at this nice place that was easy for him to load her car and a nice person here to help her. He continued and said that if she was along any road in our county, the patrolman would have called her a tow and if she couldn’t pay, they would have impounded her car. She said, “I don’t know, I just saw it and pulled in!” with tears.

As he was calculating the tow fee, I told her that everyone on the zoom call and I were praying for her, wrapping her up in angels to get her to her destination safely. And our prayers included her creating a happier more pleasant life for herself. I felt safe with her driving off with this special tow truck driver after I paid him in full and gave her a little extra for food on her trip.

After the hour and half experience, all my friends on the zoom and a few that I spoke with donated money. I only ended up paying about $50 of the original $210. I didn’t ask anyone, they all just volunteered.

This experience was just as much for me as it was for her. By that prayer, I manifested this experience to not judge her and to choose love over fear. We also manifested together a tire and wheel that was affordable for her and the perfect person driving the tow truck. I believe that we are manifesting constantly in our thoughts, prayers and meditations.

Take a moment and ask yourself if you are aware of what you are manifesting. Think about an experience that you had that may not have made sense to you, make notes about how you may have manifested it to learn more about yourself.

I invite you to make a list of the ways that you may be creating experiences or situations in your life that brings you choices that may offer you growth.

Notice these experiences on a daily basis, maybe journal about them to bring you awareness of all the ways that you are constantly manifesting your life. This can bring more fullness and understanding to your life!


Marilyn Eagen / Harmony Healthcare LLC, / The Peace Place / Text: 314-330-4156 / EagenMarilyn@gmail.com


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