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Breakthrough Coaching Connecting Mental Health & Physical Fitness

Nervous system regulation is the foundation of connecting the mind, body, and soul. Imagine being completely transformed mentally, physically, and spiritually. Envision yourself becoming completely fulfilled in every aspect of your life. In collaboration with you, Tristan King and Alexandra Brown promise to deliver all of this and more with their revolutionary coaching program “Breakthrough Coaching.” This is accomplished by not only implementing personalized fitness and nutrition regimens, but also by incorporating coaching that’ll heal trauma and resolve unhelpful behavioral patterns.


Founder and CEO of “The King’s Court Fitness Coaching,” claims that fitness is ultimately what saved his life. Throughout his adolescence, King endured physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Because of this, he started to suffer from depression and anxiety, and utilized unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as drugs and alcohol.

At the age of 17, King made the decision to enlist in the United States Marine Corps in an effort to escape his troubled childhood. The military helped him become disciplined and gave him a sense of direction. However, he still didn’t feel fulfilled. It wasn’t until he began incorporating a rigorous fitness regimen into his lifestyle that he began his healing and found a sense of purpose. Once he realized how therapeutic fitness was for him, he decided he had found his calling and wanted to help others on their healing journey.

He started “The King’s Court Inc.” in Feb 2021. Since then, he has helped hundreds of people across the world find their passion for fitness, accomplish their fitness goals, and heal from unresolved trauma. He truly feels this is his purpose in life and is looking forward to continue helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle while healing through unresolved trauma with his revamped fitness program.

Tristan King, Founder of King’s Court

619-505-3808 / www.thekingscourt.co / Tristan@thekingscourt.co



Established “Thrive In Life Therapy” in September 2021. Brown’s own life experiences and her journey to healing helped her discover her to desire to help others do the same. “Thrive In Life Therapy” is a group practice that was founded in California. Their mission is to integrate mental health with physical fitness, while utilizing a holistic approach as a method for patients to resolve trauma and cope with PTSD.

Brown’s practice embraces the use of trauma-informed care. Encouraging awareness of how trauma is physically stored, “Thrive In Life” employs embodied movement and other “bottom up” approaches to facilitate healing. King and Brown began collaborating in August 2021 with a similar vision of supporting those healing from trauma, living a healthy lifestyle, and feeling their best physically and emotionally. Given their unique approach to healing, their program truly encompasses the mind, body, and soul connection.

They designed their Breakthrough Coaching program utilizing the understanding of how physical health and mental health are mutually exclusive, and the need to integrate both to maximize true healing and overall well-being. This program is derived from a trauma informed lens that uses nervous system regulation to connect the mind, body, and soul. With both of their professional knowledge and experiences, along with a mutual passion to empower others, this program was created with the purpose of giving others the opportunity they deserve to cultivate the life they’ve always envisioned.

Alexandra Brown, Founder of Thrive In Life Therapy

619-800-5136 / www.thriveinlifesd.com / Abrown@thriveinlifesd.com


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