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Finding Your Sacred Sanctuary

harmony healthcare the peace place a beautiful outdoor space located.When you look up a definition of sanctuary, it reads: “A sacred place, such as a church or temple.” For most of my life, that is exactly how I saw it. Then in time, I developed an expanded way of thinking about sanctuary, as being in a beautiful outdoor space. I also would even refer to my office space or a special room in my home as my sanctuary.

Seven years ago, I found a very special property and house that satisfied my definition of that place. A few years later, my husband and I built a labyrinth walking meditation space in the backyard of this beautiful space that we purchased to house my energy medicine business. The labyrinth became my sanctuary. I use that space to connect to my Divine Source.

It did not take long to realize that I could connect anywhere to get my Divine guidance. I began noticing that I had actually spent most of my life connecting to my Divine from anywhere I wanted. “Follow Your Heart” became a very common piece of advice from me. After all, that is where I truly connected spiritually. And as I felt more deeply into how I received the messages and guidance that I received all the time, I became aware that I was not just connecting “in.” I realized this beautiful Divine connection was always present in me, “in my heart.”

I am not exactly sure when and how, somewhere along the way, I had fully embodied my true sanctuary in my heart center. There was no longer a separation, and probably never was. It just took some time to embrace and internalize that truth. My sanctuary was embodied in me, and yours can be as well. Maybe you already know that you do this or you just need to tap into that feeling. The guidance, messages, codes, and symbols are right here all the time.

This certainly changes the original definition that you find when you search sanctuary. Now, I am choosing to see that everyone has their own unique and powerful sanctuary within them. I also believe that if we can choose to see others in this way, in this Light, then the world can take on an entirely new look, a new perspective of many people walking around embodying their connection or their sanctuary. Together, we can bring even more beauty and light to our communities, as well as our world.

Imagine that we each bring our unique and equally valuable sanctuaries of Love and Light together and create a new definition of sanctuary in this world. We can become observers of the old falling away as we create something new and even more beautiful together.

Check in with yourself and see where your sacred space is in your life and possibly in your body. We all carry our own gifts and our own piece of the puzzle of heaven on Earth. Let’s build this sanctuary of people living in their hearts together.

Get your pen. Place it in your non-dominant hand; the other hand over your heart. Close your eyes. Ask your heart: “Where is my sanctuary?” “Where can I find sanctuary?” “What do I need in order to connect to my inner sanctuary and fully embody this energy?”
Write your heart’s answers below.

harmony healthcare the peace place a beautiful outdoor space located.











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