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Barre Harmony is the first barre and yoga studio in the growing St.Charles/Cottleville community

Kathi Harmon Owner of Barre Harmony


Barre Harmony is more than just a Barre Class. The variety of classes available include Bums and Tums, Yoga, Deep Stretch, Meditation, and Cardio Dance with an occasional pop-up, specialty couples’ class or community event. Owner Kathi Harmon understands all too well how important self-care is. She overcame a health scare of her own just weeks before she opened her dream studio. Years of yoga and focused breathing methods got her through this scary time. Her tumor luckily was benign, but she experienced both weight and muscle loss. She knew she had to take things slow because she so badly wanted to be there for her future students. Bringing an exciting new form of exercise to the St. Peters area was also motivating her. She was able to take care of herself and be patient with her body even while prepping for Barre Harmony’s grand opening Winter of 2017. Harmon has succeeded in making her dreams come true while learning she is even stronger within than she ever imagined.

To book a session you can contact Kathi Harmon at:
6119 Mid Rivers Mall Drive
Saint Peters Missouri 63304



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