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The Morning Sets The Mood

How you start your mornings has a huge impact on the remainder of your day. It can even be a very good indication of how you will end your day. If you wake up with your mind already racing, frantically rushing around trying to get things done for yourself and everyone else with your nerves on edge, you are setting yourself up for a day that will be much the same. Gary Young developed a morning routine called the Great Day Protocol. It uses four specific oils to support our emotions, promote feelings of harmony and joy, and guard against negative energies that disturb our thoughts and send emotions into a tailspin. You can also use these oils to combat occasional sadness. Let’s take a closer look at each of these oils. Use all four early in the morning, following the application instructions, to have a Great Day!

Valor — Promotes a feeling of courage and self-esteem and helps balance the body’s energies. Use this oil each morning on your wrists and cupped over your nose and inhaled as you set your intentions for the day, visualizing what you want to accomplish and seeing yourself completing it.

Harmony — Helps create a positive attitude, reduce stress, and repel feelings of discord and chaos. Apply this oil over your solar plexus, the area just below your sternum and above your belly button, while setting specific intentions to harmonize with those around you.

Joy — A calming, uplifting aroma that is used to bring joy to the heart and mind. Place a few drops in your hand, inhale through your nose, then rub over your chest (heart).

White Angelica — Creates deeper feelings of security and protection by offsetting the negative energies that work to bring you down and invade your personal space. This oil will be your ‘shield’ as you navigate your day striving to stay stress-free, balanced and relaxed. Place a drop in your hands, rub your palms together, breathe in deeply, then rub your hands over the crown of your head, down your neck, shoulders and midsection, all the way to your toes as if you are putting up an imaginary shield.

start your day with great day protocol a four essential oils that will improve your day

You are now ready to tackle anything the day throws at you!

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