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The Sacred Womb

by Megan Sanders

The womb is a sacred and powerful place in the female body. It’s the source of potential life and also a place that (for many women) monthly sheds its lining, creating anything from mild discomfort to excruciating pain. It can be a place of child loss or childbirth. It is the location of the sacral  chakra, an energy center related to pleasure, creativity, joy and passion. It can also be a place where we store our trauma, known as an emotional junk drawer. The womb is the center of both death and life.

The womb is also the seed of our femininity—our sensuality, our sexuality, our feelings about ourselves as women—or however we experience our femininity. Our womb is also considered a sacred spiritual center, a source of intuition, emotional well-being and physical vitality.

Energetically, our wombs can also help us shed the toxins of our lives once a month (or however frequently we menstruate). Our wombs gather our experiences over the course of a cycle and then go through a sacred process of releasing those experiences, of letting go. This is part of the death process, the dying and shedding of the old to bring in the new. When we intentionally connect with our womb, we see our true nature and power come through allowing us to release any blockages that may be held in that space.

On the facing page we share some questions to help you reflect on your connection with your womb space and to activate its healing abilities. We recommend sitting in a quiet space while journaling about these questions, writing down anything that comes to mind and not overthinking the answers.


What are some emotions or experiences I feel myself carrying in my womb space?




How do I feel my womb has empowered me to become the woman I am today?




What are the three main things my womb is craving right now?




Megan is a Holistic Practitioner who specializes in Massage and Energy Medicine you can contact her at:

@earthliving8 on Facebook and Instagram
314-675-0568/950 Francis Pl Suite 205, Clayton, MO


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