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Danielle Calcara Owner & Head Personal Fashion Stylist, Aesthetically Obsessed

My zest for all of life’s aesthetics and love of connecting with others, combined with 10+ years of industry experience, are what compelled me to launch Aesthetically Obsessed. There is a power that beautiful
aesthetics can provide to each individual that aids in boosting self-confidence. My passion is to help guide you into the most confident and
stylish version of YOU.

Personal aesthetics represent so much more than what we are putting on our bodies; it’s also a feeling. Our style evolves with our life story. What we choose to wear represents how we want to express ourselves. The best part of choosing our own aesthetic, is that we can be chameleons any day of the week. Sometimes choosing your outfit for the day feels like putting on a body of armor. Aesthetics are a beautiful expression of who we are, where we’ve been, and who we want to be.

As we say farewell to summer, many trends will flow from one season to the next with the addition of colors, and layers. Comfortable basics, such as rib knit tanks and midi dresses, transition well into the autumn season with a few styling alterations. Adding layers and textures to your Fall wardrobe can turn a sultry summer look into a cozier fall vibe. Turn relaxed daytime work-from-home looks into chic evening wear by doubling layered chain-link jewelry and cross-body mini bags to an otherwise matte look. Switch out fresh white sneakers for animal-print chunky loafers, layer over a trench coat, and you’ll be headed out the door for dinner with friends. Sherpa fabrics are also a must this season; combine with smooth faux leather pants and booties to create a plush yet sophisticated look. The combinations are endless!



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