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Dear Deanna

Dear Deanna,

I am a small business owner. I have been working one-on-one with customers for over 7 years, but I feel stuck. I like my industry and I want to grow but I don’t know where to focus. I would love your thoughts.
Thank you,

Leslie L.

By Deanna Haefner

Happy New Year Leslie,

This question has so many angles to it I will do my best to provide some quick insight. The first thing I would ask you is what are your business and personal goals?

As an entrepreneur they are intrinsically intertwined so to make one set without consideration for the other will cause outcomes that may not be in your best interest.

I have heard it said, “Failure to plan is planning to fail” and I believe this applies to what you are trying to address.

For me, I look at goal making as a historical form of manifestation. What exactly is manifestation? Shorthand – process of dreaming your creations into life.

Here are some tools I use when manifesting:
1. Be clear about what you are creating, if it is a new product/promotion get that into writing. Treat your creation as though there are no limits, be detailed in your description.

2. Visualize what you will feel when you achieve success with this new creation. Think about how fulfilled you will be at the completion of this manifestation. What will you be doing? What is the result of this success?

3. Act as if – This phase requires commitment to behave as though your goal/manifestation has already completed. Just know resoundingly in your soul it is already done. You simply have to keep doing the actions you have set in motion.

4. Verbalize daily. Set up affirmations as a part of your daily routine. Create sentences that encapsulate your manifestation. Examples may be: I am selling 5 complete programs monthly. I have raving fans for customers, I am creating solutions in my industry, etc. You get the idea. Be personal, get detailed. The universe wants your success more than you do!

5. Create and keep a file of visualization tools. Perhaps it is magazine clippings of what you will do with your realized manifestation, or a place you intend to travel, a car you want to buy or a house you intend to live in. The joy of creation is it is only limited by your imagination.

These are by no means all the wonderful tools to manifesting and realizing your goals, but they are a few to get you started.

Here’s to your success in the New Year and beyond.



If you have questions you would like to ask Deanna simply email AskandAnswer@DearDeanna.com


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