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Everyone Has a Story to Tell and It’s Time to Tell Yours

By Light of the Moon, Inc.

“We all have that story burning inside of us. The one we’ve been told to write. The one we’ve promised ourselves we would write.”


No matter your genre, we cannot wait to hear your story and help you share it with the world. From publishing packages, to book coaching, and author support—we are here to guide you every step of the way. We are here to empower and equip you with the knowledge it takes to be an independent author.

A New Kind of Publishing

Light of the Moon, Inc. was created around one goal: to empower and support independent authors on their self publishing journey. We offer a full spectrum of services from editing to layout/design, to marketing, and beyond. We build custom packages to fit your individual needs. and, most importantly, our authors keep 100% of the rights to their work.

Your Team

Meet the Mother-Daughter duo behind Light of the Moon, Inc. who set out with the goal to create a company that takes the mystery out of self publishing and empowers authors to share their story.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your book, vision, and goals!

With gratitude,

Alyssa and Olivia www.lightofthemooninc.com

Author Affirmations

I am an author. I have a story to tell and the world wants to hear it. My words have an impact on many and my story is important. I am a creative being and my work is meaningful. It feels SO good to be an independently published author. What story would you tell? In the lines provided below, share what your story would be about.

Ready to commit to yourself and your self publishing journey? Post a photo of your answer to your preferred social media platform and tag us @Lightofthemooninc. Take it a step further and email your response to hello@lightofthemooninc.com and schedule a free 30-minute consultation today!

Now that you have affirmed your desire to become an author, we will help you manifest it! We have created an exclusive program for MIND/BODY/SOUL readers that will help you stay on track, stay accountable, and achieve your 2023 author vision!

Join our Author Accountability Program, a monthly service that is tailored to fit your needs as an author. You’ll receive:

  • Weekly Motivational Check Ins
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access
  • One on One Sessions:
    •  Initial Meeting to Define your Goals
    • Personalized Monthly Coaching Calls
    • Create Affirmations
    • Track Your Writing Goals
    • Tailored Reminders
    • Build Sustainable Writing Practices


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