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Contemporary brass jewelry handcrafted by Shayba Muhammad to inspire intentional living

Mahnal is a collection of contemporary brass jewelry that studies natural forms and elements to inspire contemplation. The artisanal nature of this jewelry is an embrace of living a slower, more intentional lifestyle.
Mahnal sheds light on the gentle, insightful, and poetic beauty of Islam and the Arabic language. Traditionally, Islamic art is used to inspire contemplation. Through stimulating reflective thought, Mahnal creates a pathway towards embracing a slower, more intentional life. Many pieces are named in Arabic, imbuing each piece with a special message or characteristic of empowerment for the wearer.
Mahnal takes inspiration from the places we find most meditative. It explores themes like silhouettes in nature, the repetition of lines in architecture, or how light plays against texture. With each piece’s organic imperfections, we’re invited to slow down and feel again.
Visit us at mahnal.com. Schedule an appointment to visit the studio virtually. We’ll share what’s new, try pieces on for you, or simply answer questions.

Your beauty is an entry to God, this is jewelry for the journey.


“I want women to feel at home with Mahnal. A space of sanctuary.
As I design, my hope is to connect a part of my spirit and
other women’s in a way that creates a bond. A bond of commonality in
learning to be gentle with ourselves as we grow from who we were to who we will to become. I started designing as a way to express and share my passions in life after studying design at the Institute
of Art in Chicago. I was inspired to explore jewelry as a medium of expression after the transition of my father in 2014. I launched Mahnal full-time in 2018 in my home town of St. Louis,
where I continue my mission to inspire and adorn.”

— Shayba Muhammad, Designer

For more information about this beautiful jewelry you can get in touch with Shayba Muhammad, Designer at:



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