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Achieving Your Best Self

By Lynn A. Mulholland

SHRM-SCP, ICF ACC, ELI-MP Owner of True North Coaching

As we enter this new year, a question I’ve posed to all my new clients – business, leadership, life, and wellness clients, both men and women – is this:

What does achieving your best self – Manifesting Magnificence – look like in the new year?

The answers I’ve received have taken my breath away with their thoughtfulness and vulnerability, and are 100% inspirational:

I will stop being afraid of fear but will instead step into it and stare it down and challenge it.

I will face my authentic, vulnerable self.

I commit to being in integrity with my true self – all parts of it.

I will believe in myself, the forces that be, and with the process.

I will find my voice and own my accomplishments without apology.

I will be intentional with my commitments. Options vs. obligations.

I demand to ask for what I really want, and fight for it, without backing down.

I will not fear, “what if”, or overthink outcomes. If I commit to walking my path of truth, I trust I will wind up in the right destination.

When asked how creating and stating their vision feels to clients, the common responses are “hopeful” and “energized.” Yet, there is a familiar, troubling undercurrent included in the responses. Most clients share the exercise feels all-too familiar. Most have performed this exercise year over year, with the best of intentions. Yet, there has been little to no follow-through, actions, or planning. The result is demotivating.

Let’s flip the script on that today! Grab your pen, and let’s get to work.

1. What does achieving your best self – Manifesting Magnificence – look like in the new year?

2. Why is this important to you? Specifically, at this time in your life?

3. When you state this vision out loud, how energized do you feel on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 1 being “blah” and 10 being “extraordinary!”)?

4. What might get in the way of you achieving this goal? What might need to be addressed and/or resolved?

If you decide this is the year to take your goals and put them into action with accountability, contact me. We can work together to create your personalized vision and action plan.

Cheers to an amazing year!


True North Coaching / Lynn.Mulholland@truenorthstl.com / truenorthstl.com / IG: livingyourtruenorth / FB: TrueNorthSTL


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