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Feel At Peace With Your Body Again

Jo Miller a a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

I know the frustration and hopelessness that comes with living with a chronic illness. This is why I became a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) and created my program, Gut + Soul. Gut + Soul is for you if you are suffering from . . .
• Chronic stomach pain, bloating, or indigestion
• Daily fatigue or chronic pain
• Anxiety and confusion about what to do and what the future will hold Gut + Soul is for you if you long for . . .
• A happy, healthy flat tummy and better digestion
• Confidence in your body and the food you put in it
• Natural energy so you can play with your kids, hang out with your hubby, travel  and work out
• The answers behind the flare ups, a plan and a path to better health

As an FDN practitioner, I use functional labs and a 360-degree, all natural approach to help you get answers to your chronic tummy troubles or autoimmune flares, while helping you connect to your soul. Your gut is so much more than the food you put in it and the lab results you get from your doctor. It’s about falling in love with taking care of yourself. Using the healing power of food, and other natural therapies to help others is what I’ve always dreamed of doing. And I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to honor both my journey and my passion by helping you get answers, find your own healing path and be at peace with your body, so you can live the life
you’ve been dreaming of. Dare to feel better than you ever have before! Visit gutandsoul.com and join my mailing list to hear more about how my frustration in the doctor’s office fueled me to find my way back to pain-free hikes with my husband again.

Dare to dream of what “health” can look like for you.

Imagine it’s the end of the year and you are celebrating the “health” you’ve created. You feel more vibrant, more energetic, more health, more strength, more confidence,
more joy and peace. Dream as big as you can. What’s inside of this field of possibility? What does every day look like?




How does your body feel? What does health and vitality look like?




What kinds of vacations are you taking and who are you with?




Feel gratitude right now as if it’s already happening. Say: “Thank you. Thank you for this amazing health and vitality. Thank you for this energy. Thank you for this confidence. Thank you for the amazing healing I’ve experienced.” I’m grateful for . . .




I’m so thankful this has happened.




I’m grateful I get to do this every day.




If you want to know more me I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. I was so inspired by my own journey and passion for helping others that I completely changed career paths so I can now help you. Get in Touch with me at:




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