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Detox Your Mind, Body & Soul with Frog and Plant Medicine

By Cinderella de Groot

The House of Light organizes retreats in San Diego County where you can heal, expand and detox holistically in a safe and positive environment. The retreats include Kambo, which is a traditional ritual that uses the secretion of the Amazonian Giant Monkey Frog, to purify the body and treat various health conditions. Many plant medicine advocates believe that Kambo can purify the physical body of toxic substances as well as purify the mind and spirit of negative energy.

It is even said to cure depression, anxiety, infections, migraines, infertility and addictions. All that is put into the body—all energy and thoughts that are consumed, all that is eaten, all physical activities we engage in—leave traces in us. The body absorbs the elements from it surroundings which affect us physically as well as energetically—mentally, psychologically, and spiritually.

This sacred frog medicine is a “guide” showing us the possibilities, but ultimately we are the ones who help those possibilities manifest. This is why a Kambo ceremony is most beneficial when approached with a humble heart, clear intentions, and an open mind. Having a clear intention for experiencing Kambo is important if you wish to gain the depth and transformational power it can have. Prior to the ceremony, it is helpful to consider your intentions wisely.

Our mind is a powerful tool for exploring reality with its full potential sometimes hidden behind layers of decades-long conditioning, life struggles, and emotional buildup. But if you are armed with a strong intention and clear motivations, Kambo can gradually help to reassemble your being as one of full integrity, personal empowerment, and spiritual freedom.

Take some time to sit quietly and ask yourself some questions:

• What would you like to change in your life?
• Are there things burdening your mind or spirit that you would like to resolve?
• What do you want to clarify about yourself, your relationships, or your life’s path?

To take your experience even deeper, you should also know your motivation:

• What is really behind the changes you want to see?
• What are the patterns or underlying conditions that may be getting in the way of what you are trying to achieve?


Instagram: @thehouseoflight_tribe
Website: www.thehouseoflight.org
Email: thehouseoflight111@gmail.com


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