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Fit Over 50

4 Habits Fit Women Make Time For

By Amy Van Liew

Being Fit Over 50 isn’t impossible! In fact, it’s easier than you think. Here are 4 habits I found that fit women make time for.

1 Fit women don’t prioritize exercise over SLEEP!

They strive to get a good night’s sleep and don’t sacrifice it for a workout. By neglecting sleep in order to fit in that early morning workout, you’re neglecting essential processes that your body needs which can be much worse than skipping a workout.

2 Fit women MOVE every day!

We are a nation of sitters; we sit when we eat, we sit all day at work, we sit watching TV. Moving can be as simple as getting off the chair every hour or just parking the car in the farthest space possible. These women know that motion is lotion and rest is rust for our aging bodies!

3 Fit women make EXERCISE a priority!

They don’t find excuses not to workout. Whether it’s a gym class, a YouTube video or following along to one of my Be Healthy Enough Workouts, they have a plan, set up an appointment in their calendar for exercise and it does not get sacrificed to someone else’s needs or to work that can wait.

4 Fit women prioritize STRENGTH TRAINING in their workouts!

They lift those weights. Strength training has so many benefits; helps us maintain our decreasing muscle mass (which starts to drop in our 30s), can increase our metabolism (so we can lose or maintain our weight), can reduce joint pain, can improve our posture and balance but my overall favorite is that it can help us do all the things we love to do in this later half of life.


Workouts Designed for Women Over 50!

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Amy Van Liew / Be Healthy Enough

760-310-8938 / behealthyenough.com / amy@behealthyenough.com


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