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For The Life of Me

By Donna Lee Humble

New life springing up everywhere excites the senses.

The seedling is being called to “wake up,” move toward the light and burst through the soil. And in a sense, so are we.

As we listen to the birds singing with enthusiasm, it may seem that their song is meant for us. The dawning of spring has arrived just in time to lift our spirits. Our senses are aroused by brilliant colors, replacing quiescent days and nights with an orchestra of fragrances and scintillating warmth. It’s spring again and we cannot help but feel more alive.

Yet as we begin to thaw out and gradually emerge from the darkness, we may find ourselves sinking deeper into the muck as what we’ve ignored will certainly still come to the surface. Confusion sets in when the cold gives way to sunnier days and may linger within us. And just like that closet we’ve been neglecting for months, our higher self may need some attention, too.

Spring is offering us an exciting opportunity! Could there be a better time to dig in and clear all the weeds that are holding us back?

Negative thoughts and emotions can act as frequency information capable of interfering with the natural bioenergetic performance of the body. Energetically, this can be the impetus for dis-ease and premature aging.

Is it safe to say, then, that the burden of buried emotions, rigid attitudes and limiting beliefs affects our very cells, thus causing our bodies to become sluggish mimicking our physical exposure to environmental toxins? Could it be that the clutter in our minds and hearts is standing in our way?

It is said that what we bring to the light becomes the light. Our conscious attention is the “light within” that gives us the power to shine away this heaviness.

This may seem impossible at first and most of us may still cling to the notion that we can put this task off a little longer. This is a set-up for prolonged misery. Procrastination is a direct attack on our self-esteem.

Just like the seed breaking through the soil, there is something within urging us to grow and be all we can be. We can choose to ignore, put off and temporarily reduce our desire for wholeness and healing, but we cannot obliterate it.

When we roll up our sleeves, suddenly the miracle of limitless possibility bursts through and all barriers dissolve, leading to a profound inner renewal.

Our conscious attention may require support, initially, but soon we are tackling the clutter of our minds, hearts and even our cells like a pro.

Ironically, it is by digging in the dirt that you restore your love of life and find true rejuvenation. A truly holistic approach moves through the unconscious blocks, fears and cellular toxicity that stand in your way.

Contact me 970 274 1680, donna@donnaleehumble or book a free discovery session at Donnaleehumble.com.


www.donnaleehumble.com / donna@donnaleehumble.com / 970-274-1680 / Glenwood Springs, CO


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