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Good Karma: Lead With Love

By Anne J. White, M.Ed.

Executive Director | Lead with Love
Doctoral Student | Spirituality Mind Body Institute | Columbia University

Peace is an active state. So is wellbeing.
Both are essential to the foundation of a healthy, loving world.

Now more than ever, the world is a busy place filled with uncertainty. People of all ages, demographics, and geographies are suffering and struggling. Rapid societal change and adverse life experiences are increasingly resulting in physical and mental health issues. This impacts the way we feel, think, and connect with others, and adversely effects our health and experience in the world.

We focus on three values at Lead with Love: Connection, Wellbeing, and Belonging. We work to build our inner capacity and resilience through stress management techniques, awareness, and self-regulation to feel better, think clearly, and connect to the world around us. This likely is the calling of our time – daily spiritual maintenance and integration.

The more we can be in our bodies and aware of our thoughts, the more opportunity we each have to be present, find a heart-centered state of receptivity, and allow our innate wisdom, intuition, and insights to flow. Life indeed unfolds in our moment-by-moment choices and interactions – the future is built through the present moment.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience – we know this through ancient wisdom and modern science. We are innately interconnected, and part of intelligent loving consciousness that embodies and governs all life. It is embedded as our platform and operating system, and something we can rest in, knowing divine consciousness is within and guiding us along the way.

Our individual relationship with the sacred, the divine, intelligent loving consciousness is the foundation of wellbeing, belonging, and connection. That partnership is at the foundation of who we are and how we walk in the world.

We ground our work in spirituality, and work through mind-body medicine to improve how we feel, think, and connect to others. Through practice on and off the mat, in our daily lives, and interactions, we can stabilize and maintain a sense of calm and grounding to build a world grounded in love and belonging. We see, value, appreciate, and celebrate the ways you actively build wellbeing – in yourself, those around you, and the world.

We believe a world based on love is possible.

Lead with Love / P.O. Box 4829 / Aspen, CO 81612 / 970-924-0849 / www.ileadwithlove.org / hello@ileadwithlove.org


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