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Good Vibes Only

By Lissette Pedraza

Feeling alone in the world

Personal growth is often inspired by deep pain. That was certainly the case with me. As an Aquarius, I’d always been something of a free spirit. Adventure was something I didn’t just enjoy — it was something I felt called to. So when choosing a career, I gravitated toward opportunities that would let me explore and connect with different kinds of people. That’s how I ended up joining the military.

I wanted to be able to travel and do good in the world, even if it meant delving into painful topics. And I was able to do just that, training in suicide prevention and advocacy. But being on deployment was also an intensely lonely time. I was isolated, far from home and struggling with depression and anxiety. I was in so much emotional pain that it felt bigger than me — like I was surrounded by bad vibes wherever I went. Without a personal support system to lean on, I realized that I would have to look after my own mental health.

Finding the way forward by tapping into my roots

In an attempt to heal the pain I was in, I turned to things I could carry with me in spirit, no matter where I was. First was my mother. She’s always been my biggest inspiration and in times of trouble, I constantly ask myself “What would Mom say or do?” I intentionally kept her close to my heart through this time, since we couldn’t physically be together.

Second was my culture. My mother raised me in California, but our roots are Mexican. Our approach to healing has always been linked to the wisdom of the earth: precious elements, sacred places, medicinal plants and the natural cycles of the seasons. I knew that Mom would encourage me to tap into these practices and draw on our rich Latina culture to bring my life into greater balance.

Creating a new life with self-care

So I started to make some major changes, led by one simple mantra: Good vibes only. I started collecting crystals and charging them with the energy I needed: empowerment, happiness, tranquility and clarity. I also started using essential oils and aromatherapy to center and ground myself.

The more I built these practices into my everyday life, the more I began to realize just how powerful self- care can be. My depression and anxiety started to fade and I felt a deeper connection with nature, my purpose and — most importantly — myself.

Sharing the love and the good vibes

Life has changed a lot since then. I’m more focused, driven and joyful than I’ve ever been. After experiencing such a transformation, I have made it my mission to share what I’ve learned and connect with others who can benefit from the healing power of crystals, essential oils and other forms of self-care.

I launched Good Vibes Only by Lizz LLC as a way to spread the message and build a community of like-minded people who also want to feel good so they can do good in the world. I invite you to explore my online shop and see what resonates with you. You can also find me on Instagram, where I share self-care tips, resources and give a peek into my personal travels and lifestyle.

Sending you good vibes only,


Founder and owner of Good Vibes Only by Lizz, LLC
Lissette Pedraza


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