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Focusing on the sanctuary in ourself is essential to come into a peaceful state and truly know ourselves, know our own experience and the fulfillment of our own being.

When we focus our attention inside ourself, to our inner awareness, we can observe ourselves and the unfolding of our own consciousness as it is flowing inus and through us.

We are life happening and it is all flowing naturally within us and when we tune into this flow we are able to simply be with the energy that is happening in us, as us, and we experience the life that we are in its most fundamental essence.

This is the true essence of meditation and yoga, union with ourself, being one with the energy that is happening in us and all around us.

The simple process of centering our attention in ourself, being silent and observing the energy that is happening in us, allows us to come into a state of peace and harmony within our own being, allowing us to accept what is moving in us, as it is, as we are.

Our training in our society is to focus externally in our search for meaning and fulfillment, looking outward, to relationships or the acquisition of things, in order to get a sense of comfort and fulfillment, but this external search becomes our focus of attention and is in the way of us accepting ourself, our own experience and prevents us from experiencing peace and fulfillment within ourself.

It is only when we focus inwardly that we come home to ourselves, to the sanctuary within us, that we are truly able to relax into ourself and the energy that is happening within us.

That is why it is so essential that we focus our attention to the sanctuary within,to the energy that is flowing through us, to connect directly to our self, to know ourself and experience “the peace that passes all understanding.”

We are the energy of the universe in human form and when we tune into the flow of our own energy, rather than the external concepts, ideas and beliefs of our society, that we come into alignment with our true self.
This is the true meaning of yoga, “union” with our self and union with the theuniverse.Sit silently and observe the flow of your own energy and experience the sanctuary within.

Donald (Truth Paradise) Theiss became a seeker of the truth, struggling with himself and others about what was really true and thought he would never fit in and didn’t even want to fit into society because it felt like everyone was lost in some socially fabricated illusion and it felt as if he was on a divergent path from almost everyone he knew. He read The Way of Zen by Suzuki and that was the beginning of looking inward to find answers that he had not been able to find externally. He has come to the conclusion that we are all perfect manifestations of the Universal consciousness and our challenge is to accept ourselves completely and let go of the social beliefs into which we were indoctrinated. He believes that begins with self-acceptance.

Donald is a gifted counselor and the author of Being Human in a World of Illusion. He can be reached at truthparadise@hotmail.com.


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