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Resa Offers At-Home Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Frustrated with meds or therapy? Visitresahealth.com/quiz to see if Ketamine is right for you!ketamine can be used as a relief for depression and anxiety

Many people with depression or anxiety are unable to find relief with traditional antidepressants and talk therapy. What most of them don’t know is that Ketamine can produce a rapid antidepressant response within hours, that can have a sustained effect for up to one week. Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy goes further by using the uniquely receptive mental state created by Ketamine to help people reach insights and produce changes that would otherwise be unavailable. Clinical data shows Ketamine therapies are safe and extremely promising ways to give people the relief they’re looking for. But adoption is limited because social stigma from the 1970s is still casting a long shadow, and most Ketamine clinics are prohibitively expensive. Resa Health is an organization that aims to make evidence-based Ketamine therapies safe, accessible and personalized. We’ve merged together insights from experts in Ketamine private practices and top medical professors within one easy-to-use telehealth platform. Here’s what to expect in Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy:

1. Make a Resa account and share your goals and circumstances. Identify a trusted friend or family member who is willing to actively support your Ketamine journey.

2. Purchase the Ketamine therapy program that’s right for you. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you.

3. A Resa physician will review your medical history, reaffirm your eligibility, order your prescription and prepare you for your program. Your Ketamine will be delivered to you in the mail.

4. For a week before each Ketamine experience, Resa’s expert talk therapists will help you prepare your mind by clarifying and articulating your intentions. Our app and content will assist this process and also help you prepare your body and environment. This preparation is key to a productive Ketamine experience.

5. Next, you’ll self-administer Ketamine in the comfort of your home for a couple of hours. Ketamine’s dissociative effects temporarily free you of your regular thought patterns and allow for deeper self-reflection. While most patients report entering a pleasant, dream-like state, you may encounter long-buried thoughts, feelings and memories that can lead to transformational realizations. Don’t worry, we’ll help ensure your safety and maximize your outcomes by preparing you and your support person beforehand with clear best practices from our team of experts.

6. The key to enjoying lasting relief is integrating your new insights into your daily life. For a week after each Ketamine experience, it’s paramount you reflect and integrate insights before they’re forgotten as you return to your daily routine. Resa’s experts will work with you to derive meaning from your Ketamine experiences and incorporate your insights as healthy new behaviors.

7. You’ll repeat the cycle three more times: prepare for a week, administer Ketamine for a couple hours, reflect and integrate for a week. Resa is committed to providing safe access to evidence-based Ketamine therapy to support people on their journeys toward long-lasting mindset and behavior improvements. If you’re looking for both rapid relief and new transformational insights, visit resahealth.com/quiz to see if Ketamine is right for you.

If IV therapy is your preference, we continue to offer infusions at our Brentwood location at Radiance Ketamine and Wellness. www.radianceketamine.com. 314-736-4736

We believe the first, most important step to better living is to improve our mental health. Only upon a stable foundation can you confidently build a life of purpose, passion and meaning. Many people’s mental health is hindered by low mood, ruminating worries, anxieties, insomnia and more.

Dr. Zinia Thomas a novel behavior-first, data-driven, and techenabled approach to healing.




For better mood, concentration, and sleep contact Dr. Zinia Thomas at:
888-420-MOMJ / 314-736-4736
1760 S. Brentwood Blvd. / St. Louis, MO 63144


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