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Love Antiques? Head For The Hill!

Suzy Bacino and Michelle Foshee Schell with their vintage treasures

When Michele Foshee Schell and Suzy Bacino met more than 10 years ago, they were half of a St. Louis Marathon relay team organized by a mutual friend. Although they lost touch over the years, they were reacquainted through Facebook Marketplace this spring. Michele bought two of Suzy’s listings and their friendship reignited over a shared love of treasure hunting and vintage thrifting.

Michele, who has had antique mall booths for 20+ years, asked Suzy to share her booth at The Hill Antique Market when her former partner (and daughter, Mackenzie) decided to move to California. Suzy jumped at the chance to move her business, Horseshoe & Anchor, to The Hill Antique Market, joining Michele’s Random Vintage in booth 14B.

Michele’s love of estate sales and the thrill of the hunt inspired her to start her vintage business. Having antique booths over the years has been a great way to feed her vintage habit.

Suzy’s business began when she and her partner, Michael, began collecting Frankoma Pottery (a vintage American pottery made in Oklahoma from the 1930s–1990s) several years ago. That passion has taken them all over the Midwest in search of Frankoma and along the way they began gathering lots of other treasures that became the basis for Horseshoe & Anchor.

The thrill of collecting continues. Michele has a thing for white vases, vintage jean jackets, quilts and landscape paintings. Suzy still loves Frankoma Pottery, vintage cowboy boots, vintage Navajo jewelry, mid-century modern pieces and all things brass.

When asked where they see themselves in 5 years, Michele responds: “Probably still scouring estate and garage sales for the next great find!” Suzy adds: “Definitely building more shelves to make room for more Frankoma!”

The Hill Antique Market is open daily
from 10 a.m.–5 p.m. and is located at 4923
Daggett Avenue,
St Louis, MO 63110, On The Hill


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