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Finding Harmony with the 5 Elements

Many years ago, science, art, and spiritual practice were interconnected in a way that the awareness of the environment around us was deeply connected to an awareness of the environment within us. This created great knowledge and wisdom of how our body, mind and spirit are integrated and interdependent upon the world around us, and how we can learn from the beauty that is our planetary home. 5 Element Theory is an evolution of humanity’s wisdom that goes to the depth of who we truly are. When we integrate this wisdom into our daily life we achieve greater states of balance, strength, health and vitality.

The 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metalwork in harmony. The Fire of the sun meets us, imbuing warmth into us. The Earth under our feet supports us in many ways. All plant life is an expression of the Wood element and its determined nature. The Water element is essential to life and is highly adaptable to meet any challenge. The preciousness that the world offers, the Metal element, is extracted from air and all physical and spiritual substances that we interact with, infusing us with value and purpose.

The subtle and profound interactions of nature around us are a reflection of the nature within us. We are created and grow as a part of the greater natural world around integrated, not separated. Our planet and its atmosphere is the macrocosm, the larger version, and we humans are the microcosm. Nature is only as responsive as it needs to be, and within nature the many parts work in a way that supports mutual interrelated dependence.

Inside of us, the nervous system, organs, bones, muscles and tissues all work with the same interwoven dependency. When all the systems are communicating well and acting appropriately, optimal balance and health can be achieved. Being your most vital and balanced self, Elemental Healing will assist you in walking this path gracefully.

Elemental Healing is an integrated system for optimizing health and wellness of the multifaceted beings that we are. Chris Fabijanic, M.Ac.(Master of Acupuncture)is continually creating and refining the Elemental Healing Method to best serve all aspects of our health in body, mind and spirit. 5 Element Acupuncture wisdom is at the root of his approach. Acupressure using vibrational and aromatic activation assists the healing. CranioSacralTherapy further supports a healthy nervous system.NAET is used for allergy elimination. Energy medicine practice from Reiki and Qi Gong is integrated into the process. Holistic Medicine lifestyle support is an integral part, as well as healing and regenerative foods, herbs and supplements. Lifestyle and personal practices are focused on additionally, creating a dynamic environment for positive change in one’s life. Elemental Healing offers in-person consults and treatments in the Glenwood Springs, CO, clinic. Phone and internet-based consultations are also available.

Christopher Fabijanic M.Ac. / www.elementalhealing.biz / 970-618-1537


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