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Love your body from the inside out

October is Breast Health Awareness month. Take the risk out of prevention. Choose thermography! Early detection saves lives!
By April Abbonizio

Imagine a breast screening where you don’t need radiation or 50 lbs. of pressure, both of which are damaging to cells and breast tissue. Thermography is just that – safe (no radiation), effective and nothing touches you during imaging! Thermography can also detect the beginning of disease YEARS earlier than standard breast screenings.

Thermography is a different kind of test than the standard mammogram, ultrasound and MRI. Thermography is looking at your body at a cellular level. It’s watching blood flow (or thermal) patterns. Our patterns should remain constant and symmetric our whole lives. When those patterns change, it may be a red flag that something may be brewing. Thermal changes show inflammation, which could be a sign of fibrocystic breasts, lymphatic congestion or possible cancer. Thermography can detect disease so early that it may not even be able to be seen structurally yet! Finding disease this early promotes lesser treatments, better outcomes and ultimately a better quality of life! Thermography is a great addition to your annual breast screening. It’s also way more than just breast screening. I offer a Women’s Heath Screening, which images everything head to pelvis.

Another option is Full Body Imaging – everything head-to-toes. Thermography is early detection for all kinds of conditions such as thyroid disorder, carotid artery dysfunction (stroke screening), dental issues, kidney, liver, spleen, gall bladder or reproductive organ dysfunction, vascular problems, arthritis and more! All thermography images are read by medical doctors board certified in Thermology. Your report is sent to you with an option for a free phone consultation to answer any questions and to offer resources and referrals if desired. I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who’s greatest desire is to help my patients achieve optimal health.