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Perfection is a Process

I have always been drawn to places of worship. Temples, basilicas, cathedrals and country chapels alike call me into their presence. There is something about the expression of their approach to the divine that draws me in. Maybe it is the opulence, sometimes the simplicity but always the reverence that they require of those that enter the sanctuary.

The most moving and memorable was my entrance to the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. The basilica was a lifelong pursuit of Antoni Guadi who took over the project in 1883and focused on the completion of such a dream until his death in 1914. To this day, the masterpiece’s completion remains unfinished.

The weight of the unfinished project and lifelong pursuit of such a lofty dream resonates with me as I, like many women, have a vision for a healthy life lived well. The balance becomes struggle as I reach for perfection but remain ever in the process. How do we accept, value, and love ourselves in the “not yet arrived” and still rejoice in the “actively moving forward?”

There resides the cry of my heart for Sanctuary, the place where I am already enough and feel safe to reach along for more. I long to create a space where I can exhale the weight while standing up under the load. What a beautiful and dynamic dream that is!

It is my sincerest hope that when people enter the doors ofSubZero Wellness, they will feel the respite and the requirement that taking control of one’s own wellness journey asks of each of us. You will find a space that gives you permission to release your fears and increase the self-awareness that empowers you to make choices that lead to your own physical autonomy. Whatever you require of your body, the body is capable and prepared to perform to meet your needs as it has been created to do, especially when we reach for the divine. As you endeavor to do just that—creating your own sanctuary—know that you
are never alone in this amazing journey

By Megan Brown Sanders, MPT, LMT
Owner of SubZero Wellness


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